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The Theatre Blog

It's Complicated

Daniel wants a relationship. Not just any relationship; a long-distance one. All the psychological perks, something exotic and exciting, without the socially awkward situations. What could be better? Suddenly Daniel finds himself with two girlfriends: will he choose the perfect girl-next-door from the USA - sweet, funny and beautiful - or the European one, who just lives closer? Surely he's not just another one of those womanisers (or 'sluts') that he and his female roommate criticise so much? Social networking might have brought the world closer together, but now it's too close for comfort and, what with his internal monologue as well, there are now too many voices competing to be heard.



Alex Horne (The Horne Section):
“Without wanting to sound too vain, it was a bit like something I might do … good stuff!”

Broadway Baby:
“A delightful romantic comedy ... wonderfully amusing ... a truly enjoyable piece of theatre”

The Cambridge Student [June 13th, 2012]:
“A romantic comedy which is genuinely funny in a relatable way ... well worth watching.”

Cast and Crew
12th June 2012 - 16th June 2012, Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

Emily Dance, Olivia Emden, Robert Hallow, Matt Lim, Maria Pawlikowska, Freddy Sawyer, Andrew Room

Director - Marc Shalet

Producer - Lenka Filipkova

Technical Director - Andrew Ryrie

Publicity design - Olivia Vane

Cast and Crew
20th August - 25th August 2012, Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden

Fergus Blair, Christabel Clark, Matt Lim, Sesselia Olafs, Will Seaward, Amy Spinks, Richard Stephenson Winter

Director - Daniël Henry Kaes

Producer - Matt Lim

Writer - Daniël Henry Kae